Apr 222017
Send a copy to a member of Senate or House Indian Affairs committee FREE - or Purchase a copy for other elected official at discount!

Purchase the book “Dying in Indian Country” for your elected official for the discount price of $14.99 and we will pay the shipping to send it to his/her office. Buy a copy of the book through our website for any state or federal elected official – be it your U.S. Senator, U.S. Representative, State legislator, […]

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Sep 172013

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Jun 082017
Silence About Conditions at Pine Ridge Reservation

by Thomas F. Sullivan For generations, the residents of the Pine Ridge Reservation have lived with unemployment and poverty rates that have never been seen in the majority community even during the Great Depression. According to an MSNBC Report on Pine Ridge on May 29, 2014, “Roughly four out of five residents are unemployed and […]

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Nov 012016
Child Abuse and Death Within Indian Country

The original question for this paper was “How has the Indian Child Welfare Act affected the death rate of children living in Indian Country?” However, data concerning deaths of children placed under the Indian Child Welfare Act is difficult, if not impossible, to obtain. Tribal governments are not required to collect or share the outcomes […]

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Mar 252016
Opposition to ICWA is extreme?

While the vast majority of comments and feedback about the book, ‘Dying in Indian Country’ have been extremely supportive – (an untold number of Americans [both tribally enrolled and not] have experienced and felt the same things we have) – there are still a few out there repeating the same stuff thrown at us in the […]

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Sep 162015
Process Philosophy and Federal Indian Policy

Federal Indian Policy of the United States of America derives from process philosophy embodied in Marxism. While many tribal members might not see Marxism within the policy and others might argue it isn’t a process forward that they desire, but a process back to what was in the past, our federal government has perceived and […]

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Oct 242014
He died five hours after calling us -

He died in a car wreck on Sept. 22, 2014. Just five hours earlier, he was talking to us on the phone, telling us he had tape recorded his meetings with BIA social services and tribal court because he finally wanted his story to be public. Lavern “Bundy” Littlewind was a BIA policeman and Spirit Lake […]

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Oct 122014

October 12, 2014 Introduction: The American Indian Movement (AIM) and its federal supporters used deceptive, unethical and at times violent methods to achieve their end goal. While purporting to be a non-violent entity focused on the well-being and betterment of the people they said to represent, ‘tribal sovereignty’ was the primary and prized goal – […]

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Jun 152014

This letter was printed in the Grand Forks Herald and Bismarck papers Thursday, June 12, 2014, and read on air during the Jay Thomas radio show Friday, June 13, 2014 ____________________________________________________ To the Editor. Concerning the upcoming event featuring President Obama and Senator Heitkamp at the Standing Rock Reservation on Friday, June 13th: North Dakotans […]

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