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Chapter Headings

Chapter one:  May 1980

Chapter two:  Dying in the Suburbs

Chapter three:  March 1980: Rolling Thunder

Chapter four:  Living in Indian Country

Chapter five:  The Noble Red Man

Chapter six:  This isn’t fun anymore

Chapter seven:  Play it again, Sam

Chapter eight:  Crying in Indian Country

Chapter nine:  Dying in Indian Country

Chapter ten:  Gi-ga-wa-ba-min me-na-wa

Chapter eleven:  Dying in the Heart

Chapter twelve:  Freed: Living in the protected place

Chapter thirteen:  Are we ever really protected?

Chapter fourteen:  March 1991; the eye of the storm

Chapter fifteen:  The work begins

Chapter sixteen:  One day at a time

Chapter seventeen:  The Mission is clear

Chapter eighteen: Joy

Chapter nineteen:  Misty

Chapter twenty:   The First People

Chapter twenty-one:  Human Rights for all?

Chapter twenty-two:  September, 1999

Chapter twenty-three:  October, 1999

Epilogue:  June, 2004



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