Appendix: Federal Funding for Tribal Gov’ts based on Census



Excerpt ~

According to the “Tribal Complete Count Committee Handbook”, published by United States Census 2000, D-3289 (4-99), (

“The programs serving tribal residents (whether operated by the tribal, local, or state government) which use Federal funding based on population statistics—for example:
Johnson O’Malley, Headstart, Home Energy Assistance, Housing and Urban Development programs, etc….”

“Develop separate flyers on the benefits those programs provide to tribal residents. Explain how funding allocations are based, in part, on census information.”

…“The Federal government uses census data to allocate funds to tribal, state, and local governments for a wide range of programs.”

According to Jack C. Jackson, Jr., Director of Governmental Affairs, National Congress of American Indians, Statement on the importance of an accurate census to American Indians and Alaska Natives, before the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, Washington, D.C., February 12, 1999.
( )

“….American Indians and Alaska Natives have a significant stake in the outcome of the 2000 census….. A range of programs now exists to help Tribes address and overcome barriers to economic advancement and self-sufficiency. A significant portion of this federal aid is based on the information collected in the census. Federal programs that distribute aid to American Indians and Alaska Natives based in whole or in part on census data include the Job Training Partnership Act, Grants to Local Education Agencies for Indian Education, Special Programs for the Aging, and Family Violence Prevention and Services.”

– According to ACF Administration For Children and Families, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, May 9, 2007, Child Care Bureau, Office of Family Assistance

“Tribal Child Counts… for funds that become available in FY 2008, ACF will calculate grant awards based on the number of children under age 13. A Tribe must submit a self-certified Child Count Declaration for children under age 13 (not age 13 and under), in order to receive FY 2008 CCDF funds.”


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