Nov 132020

Many pages are leaving Facebook Friday, November 13, 2020. Following censure over the last two weeks of our factual posts, the page for the book, ‘Dying in Indian Country,’ and the discussion of tribal gov’t and federal gov’t corruption can now be found on MeWe at – Our blogs will continue on our website […]

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Oct 262020
The Predatory, yet Lucrative Indian Industry:

although lobbyist-criminal Jack Abramoff went to prison, none of the Congressmen he paid off went to jail, nor did the tribal leaders who gave Abramoff the money to give to the Congressmen. So why was it assumed that just because Abramoff was sent to jail, the graft had stopped? …If capitalism is outlawed, only the out-laws will have capital.

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Oct 212019
The Philosophical Underpinnings and Negative Consequences  of the Indian Child Welfare Act

To all the children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, nieces and nephews of Roland John Morris Sr, each and every one.
He became involved with politics for you. This paper would not have been possible without his leading so many years ago.
May these efforts bring genuine change to public policy; change that advances your liberty, production, and happiness,
strengthening your lives and those of your children and grandchildren.

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Oct 152019
Samson Occom - Mohegan tribal member

”I was Born and Brought up in the traditional ways…My Parents Lived a wandering life, as did all the Indians at Mohegan. They Chiefly Depended upon Hunting, Fishing, & Fowling for their Living and had no Connection with the English, excepting to Traffic with them in their small Trifles; They Strictly maintained and followed their traditional Ways, Customs & Religion,

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Apr 222017
Send a copy to a member of Senate or House Indian Affairs committee FREE - or Purchase a copy for other elected official at discount!

Purchase the book “Dying in Indian Country” for your elected official for the discount price of $14.99 and we will pay the shipping to send it to his/her office. Buy a copy of the book through our website for any state or federal elected official – be it your U.S. Senator, U.S. Representative, State legislator, […]

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Apr 202017
The Ramifications of Native American Heritage on U.S. Constitutional Protections (Video)

Lenore Banning owned over a million feet of timber on her trust land in Washington State, but lived in poverty all her life. She was not allowed to sell any of her timber. Toddler Lauryn Whiteshield was murdered a little over a month after her arrival to her grandfather’s home on the Spirit Lake Reservation […]

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Nov 012016
Child Abuse and Death Within Indian Country

The original question for this paper was “How has the Indian Child Welfare Act affected the death rate of children living in Indian Country?” However, data concerning deaths of children placed under the Indian Child Welfare Act is difficult, if not impossible, to obtain. Tribal governments are not required to collect or share the outcomes […]

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Sep 162015
Process Philosophy and Federal Indian Policy

Glenn Martin in his text, “Prevailing Worldviews, wrote, “What we have in Marxism is the most intense effort to date to be absolutely consistent with the presuppositions of process philosophy…” (Martin, 2006). Process Philosophy is the belief that reality involves constant development and change while stability is an illusion – as opposed to Aristotle’s belief […]

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Oct 122014

October 12, 2014 Introduction: The American Indian Movement (AIM) and its federal supporters used deceptive, unethical and at times violent methods to achieve their end goal. While purporting to be a non-violent entity focused on the well-being and betterment of the people they said to represent, ‘tribal sovereignty’ was the primary and prized goal – […]

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Sep 162020
Tribal Council votes to keep child-molester/Oglala Sioux Tribal President in his power seat.

Will any of those suicide prevention strategies include prosecuting and imprisoning all the adults who have been taking sexual advantage of children? Will it include an investigation of all persons in authority who have turned their back on the sexual abuse of children, leaving the children to feel feel trapped – hopeless and helpless?

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